Welcome to the Inaugural Brody's Bash!

Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for Children's National Hospital Foundation, in honor of their Follow the Leader campaign, highlighting their commitment to the children of our community. 












Children's Hospital Foundation

Children’s Hospital Foundation is happy to support, Brody’s Bash. Proceeds from this community fundraiser will greatly support the mission at Children’s National Hospital. Serving the nation’s children for 150 years, they are a proven leader in the development and application of innovative new treatments for childhood illness and injury.

Funds raised through this event will help support their vision to become more focused on helping kids avoid getting sick in the first place. At Children’s National, they don’t just want kids to grow up. They want them to grow up stronger.

"It's time to raise awareness in our community"

Pam & Joe Appelbaum

Purchase Tickets

100% of all ticket and auction revenue will go to Children's Hospital Foundation.


Help us celebrate Brody's success, as well as the future success of so many other children's lives by donating today.

Auction Items

Another great way of supporting Brody’s Bash is by donating auction items and experiences from your business, service or through your personal connections. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

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When is the cut-off date to buy a ticket?

We currently do not have a cut-off date to buy a ticket. However, we do have a maximum ticket allocation of 350.

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Can I donate in addition to buying a ticket?

Absolutely! Every dollar will help us to reach our goal. Visit our Brody's Bash Donation Page to make a separate donation.

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I cannot attend the event but I wish to donate, how can I do this?

Brody's Bash will not be the same without you! We are so grateful for your support. Please visit our Brody's Bash donation page to donate.

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How do I purchase a ticket? 

Please visit our "purchase tickets" page for more information on how to purchase a ticket. Please contact info@brodysbash.org if you have any additional ticket questions!

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How do I offer an auction item?

Auction items can be confirmed by contacting info@brodysbash.org.

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What is the dress code?

The dress code for Brody's Bash is casual elegant attire.